Thursday, October 27, 2011

Our Shed is Finally Up!

The boxes and supplies have only been sitting in our garage since the day we were given the keys to the house! But the shed is finally up!

 Saturday afternoon Brian and Matthew built the frame and then we worked on getting it level and filled in with pea gravel. We only had to make 3 trips to Lowe's to get it all finished!  :-)

Sarah did her best to supervise the boys.

 By the time it started getting dark, the foundation was finished and the floor was attached.

Sunday afternoon, they started building the walls.  It was definitely not a one person job!

Sarah was again right in the action.   
Her job was counting out the screws and handing them to Matthew.

About 4 hours or so later, it was finally done!

There was a chance of rain overnight, so we decided to wait to put everything in to make sure there were no water leaks.  However, it didn't really rain, so we just went ahead and put in everything (that would fit).  I didn't get any pictures of the inside because it was getting dark when we started loading things in and it was completely dark when we finished.  Of course, then it really did rain. So, still no pictures.

I, of course, want to organize it better.  Why? It's not like I'm even going to be in the thing!  This is Brian's domain.  Why should I be worried how it is organized?!  Ok, I might have to go in to get a rake or something.  Then again, I'll just send the boys to do that...

Living thru faith,

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