Monday, October 17, 2011

Fire Pit Area - Phase 1

I am soooo sore, but Phase I of our fire pit area is complete!
Matt and I worked and worked to turn this 

into this

Brian wasn't able to help too much.  He had some excuses like having to work on a dissertation, a sermon, and having problems with his shoulder.  Excuses, excuses....   :-)  

We marked the area

then dug the hole.

Sarah wanted to help, of course.

We moved the dirt to a low area by the house that we needed to build up.  From everything I've heard, it's not such a good thing to have drainage slopping toward the house.  ;-)

This is where the shed is going to go (hopefully, soon).

We borrowed a friend's truck for the run to Lowe's.  That's 16 pavers (we already had 9), 13 bags of crushed gravel, 7 bags of sand, and 5 bags of of pea gravel (for the shed project).

We put down the crushed rock and the sand, then started with the pavers.  Matt is a pro using the tamper.  He gets plenty of practice working on the pitching mound after each practice.

It was a time consuming process getting each one as level as possible.  
We were so excited for the last paver to go in!  
It was only 9pm!

 Sunday afternoon I was left on my own, but determined to get finished.  I adjusted a few pavers that were a little wobbly, then added the sand in the cracks.

I added some edging along the inside edges where the flower beds will be (that's Phase II), then washed down the pavers and added the fire pit and chairs.

The chairs will be serving double duty around the patio table as well.

Phase 2 will be putting up a privacy panel on the back side and planting some plants or shrubs or something in the beds (I'm really need help figuring out what to plant!).

For now, we will be able to enjoy some nice family time on cool evenings that does not involve sitting in front of a tv!

Living thru faith,


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