Monday, October 24, 2011

A Little Frugal Tip

We had not one...not two...not three...
but four jars of peanut butter open!

Three of the four had hardly any peanut butter in them, but still enough for a sandwich.

Sarah is our big peanut butter eater.  The only problem is that she typically eats it on a spoon for breakfast.  It was rather difficult to scrape out enough peanut butter on a small spoon without getting your hand all messy (and that's just a little too much to deal with at 7:00 in the morning!)

So, I decided to scrape all the peanut butter out and combine the three into one.

 It would have been very easy to just throw these jars away, but when I finished there was enough in those jars for at least 3 spoons or several sandwiches!

If you do not have a rubber spatula, you need to get one.

It's a frugal mom's best friend!

Living thru faith,

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