Friday, October 28, 2011

Fall Festivals and Other Happenings

This week has been full and it's not slowing down!

On Monday, I took Sarah to the Fall Festival at her day care (Brian was teaching class).

We love her school!  Sarah's teacher, Ms. Allison, is wonderful and we are constantly amazed at what she is learning.  She loves counting to ten in Spanish and writing her letters.  One night after supper she told us the story of Samuel from the Old Testament - in detail!

 She also loves the director, Ms. 'Chelle!  In the beginning she had a hard time saying Ms. Michelle and it all kinda rolled together.

Matt started baseball conditioning this week for spring ball, Daniel is in his last week of cross country, and we are getting ready for an insane weekend and start of a new week.

I made mini cupcakes for Sarah's class to celebrate her birthday today, Daniel has his last cross country meet on Saturday, we have a potluck after church on Sunday, Sarah's birthday party Sunday afternoon, Halloween activities on Monday, and Brian's birthday on Wednesday.  

My house is a beyond a mess, I haven't decided on how to decorate the cake, I have no idea what I'm fixing for the potluck, I still haven't bought Halloween candy, and I haven't even thought about Brian's birthday yet (so sorry, Honey!).

Oh, my sweet little girl is not so little anymore!

I have, however, wrapped Sarah's presents and decorated some little buckets for the girls to have at the party. I think they turned out so cute!  I can't wait to show them to you! 

For now, I better get busy getting stuff done!  

Living thru faith,

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