Friday, October 14, 2011

Our Nashville Trip

Last weekend we went for a somewhat impromptu mini vacation to Nashville.  An organization there has a couple of houses where those in ministry and their families can come for a little time to relax free of charge.  We arrived Saturday evening and left Monday after lunch.  Short, but nice.

Sunday morning we got up slowly, had cinnamon rolls for breakfast, shared a devotion, and then visited the Bicentennial Mall in downtown Nashville.

These are bells that chime every half hour.

It really bugged Matt that they called it a "mall" when there were no shops!  :-)


A World War II Memorial is in one part of the Mall.


Along one side of the mall is the history of Tennessee.

The kids loved these columns.  I read later that these are columns from the old Capital building.

Matthew as the Statue of Liberty.

I absolutely love this picture!

Daniel being cool.  
He never fails to make me laugh!

After getting some lunch, we went to the Centennial Park near Vanderbilt University.  
It was just a park kinda trip!

The Centennial Park has a supposedly accurate replica of the Parthenon.  
(Of course, it is closed Sundays and Mondays, so we didn't get to go inside.)

This was the ceiling on the outside!

This park also had a playground for the little ones, 
so the boys went to throw the football while Sarah played.


We drove around the Vanderbilt campus and downtown a little bit, then headed back to the house.  Everyone was tired and grumpy by this time.  After a little rest, we ended up just grabbing a bite to eat, picking up some movies, and going back for a pajama party.

It was a short trip, but it was nice to get away and just relax a little bit.

Living thru faith,

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