Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Level Ground

I mentioned before how we moved all the dirt that was dug up for the paver patio 
to some low spots by the house.

We moved a lot of dirt.  
It was amazing how much dirt was needed to actually level out the section just by the house!

In order to help with drainage, we tried to grade it slightly so that water would drain 
toward the side of the house.

We will actually be putting in a rain barrel on that end.  We have the barrel, but Brian needs to outfit it with a nozzle and whatever else to make it actually function as a rain barrel.

There is also a section on the other side of the patio that needs to be raised and leveled off.  There were actually holes that had formed underneath the concrete.  

Unfortunately, we did not have enough dirt from the paver patio project to complete that side as well.  At least we were able to get the larger section done and ready for putting up the shed.  
(I'll show you that project tomorrow!)

Living thru faith,

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