Friday, September 2, 2011

The Big Shopping Trip Day

Yesterday was the big shopping trip.  I worked through lunch so I could leave early and get started.  I HAD to get the shopping done!  However, Daniel had a cross country meet and Matt had a baseball game in the evening.

The shopping itself went pretty smoothly.  I actually stumbled on a few deals at Sam's Club.  I got a huge ham that I'm going to slice into different widths (unfortunately, I was too late for them to do it for me).  While trying to find the ground turkey, I discovered they had some of the exact same ones in another section marked down from $3.39/lb to $3.19/lb.  They also had some boneless/skinless chicken breasts marked down from $1.97/lb to $1.59/lb because of the "sell by" date.  Then when I got to the check out they had an e-value (I think that is what they called it) for $3 off of the gatorade I purchased.  Love it when that happens! 

Next stop was the bakery outlet which was a real bummer.  They were completely wiped out of the bread we get.  They were full yesterday, undoubtedly!

Walmart went as well as Walmart ever does.  Who really wants to hear about that part?!  One good note, I managed to get right up to a check out!  Slow cashier, but I guess you can't have everything.
I had plans to use the good camera and take pictures of the car before unloading and all the stuff unpacked...unfortunately, you are stuck with pics from my phone that I took this morning running out the door.

I needed to be home by 6:30 to get everything unloaded and cold stuff put away without rushing so much.  I rolled in at 6:45... Brian had left to go back to get Daniel (thankfully, his meet was local and he wasn't running since he had been sick).  Matt and I worked on the groceries, I spent a few minutes with Sarah, Matt loaded his stuff and a chair for me in the car, I spilt my Sam's cup of ice on the floor, and we ran to the car as soon as Brian pulled in the driveway...

We raced to the game (even though Matt wasn't playing - he should be cleared next week.  For those that don't know his story, read it here.)  And there I sat on a grassy hill for 2 1/5 hours watching the game playing solitaire on my phone and talking to my mom.

We got home around 10:30 or so.  I put on my jammies and went to bed (until about 3:30am when Sarah climbed in the bed and needed a "tennis shoe" aka tissue).

Just keeping it real - this is what I left this morning...

I know what I will be doing this evening!

Living thru faith,

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