Friday, September 23, 2011

It's Just One of Those Days

It's just one of those days...

You know the kind that you just want to go back to bed 
and curl up with a good book or an old movie or just sleep.

It's gonna rain again today, so that doesn't help. 

So, I don't really have pictures to show you, but here is a little update on what's happening with us...

Sarah loves her new Dora light up shoes!  
She's never had light up shoes before, but these were actually cheaper than the alternatives.

Daniel has a field trip today to see the new movie Dolphin Tale 
and then they are stopping to eat pizza before returning to school.

Tonight is Homecoming and Matt is opting for tradition...
a group of guys going out to eat and to a movie.  They have done this for the last three years.  
We will see what happens next year when they are all seniors and girlfriends may be in the picture.

Daniel leaves tomorrow for a youth retreat, Matt has a game 2 1/2 hours away on Saturday, Brian needs to work on his dissertation, Sarah just wants to play, and my house is still a mess.

So, that gets you pretty much caught up on us.

I did find this video that just makes me smile. I hope it makes you smile, too!

We were on the way to school one morning last fall and Matt recorded her with his phone.  

I pray that you will feel the presence of our big and mighty God today!

Living thru faith,

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