Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Weary Sports Mom

It doesn't matter whether it is soccer or football or baseball or gymnastics or swimming or track or...
the list can go on and on...

If you have even just one kid in a sport these days, you become an expert 
in multitasking and event planning.

There are countless numbers of practices and games or meets to coordinate with the rest of the family's activities.  There are booster meetings, social gatherings to build team unity, extra tournaments, fundraisers...oh, and lets not forget the laundry!
I feel pretty confident in saying that a mother did not pick white uniforms!

We might complain and we are definitely exhausted by the end of the season, but if we are completely honest, we love it!  Not all the stuff that has to be done to make it happen, but the few minutes that we get to see our child doing what they love.  

Saturday was one of those crazy days that make you wonder why you do it and is it worth it. 

Matt had a baseball game, Daniel had a cross country meet, and Brian had a faculty retreat.  
So, it was up to me to coordinate the day.

I dropped Matt off at 9am, picked up my new contacts and glasses, and then went by Sonic for one of these ('cause I wasn't going to make it through the day without caffeine).

I dropped Daniel off to ride the bus at 9:45 and then went back to the high school to watch some of Matt's game.  The game was supposed to start at 10am, but was delayed until about 10:30.  I left there at 11 without getting to see Matt pitch (he was warming up as I was leaving - of course).  

Sarah naturally had a great time keeping herself and others entertained.

I drove an hour to the cross country meet worried I would miss Daniel's race, only to discover that they were running about 25 minutes behind.  So we hung out and cheered on the girls' team.  

If you have never been to a cross country meet, you should know that there is a lot of walking on the part of the parents.  You begin at the starting line, you walk to another spot on the course (which usually involves climbing hills), cheer them on from there, then head to the finish line.  
The key is getting from place to place fast enough that you don't miss the finish!  

Trying to do all this with a four year adds another challenge to the mix.  By the time we were done with Daniel's race, we were at the gates of Meltdown City.

Even though Daniel was the last one to cross the finish line for the boys team, I have never been prouder!  The nice thing about cross country is that even though you are a team, it is really about competing against yourself...about pushing yourself to do better than you did the last race. 

Daniel's time wasn't his best and he had hurt his heel in a stumble along the course, but instead of giving up he persevered and finished strong.  When he rounded the corner and saw the finish line and heard everyone cheering him on, he sprinted with everything he had left in him and 
crossed that finish line knowing he left nothing.

He left the race exhausted and hurting, but proud of what he had accomplished...
And that is what makes us say we will do it all again. 

Living thru faith,

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