Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Matt Back on the Mound

Sunday Matt pitched again for the first time since his surgery.

It felt so good to watch him living out his passion again.

I didn't get any good pictures because the camera was freaking out trying to focus through the fence and before I could get that straightened out Sarah popped up and said "I gotta go potty!  I gotta go potty!"  After running to the (nasty) bathroom, she didn't even go!  Arrgg!

By the time I got back down to the field, they had already made the third out and were leaving the field.  Then when he went back out to pitch again it had started raining and I couldn't bring out the camera.  Arrgg, again! (I'm starting to sound like a pirate!)

Oh, well!  I did manage to get a few of Daniel playing with Sarah 
to give Momma a little break.

A double header makes for a long day for everyone!  :-)
Living thru faith,

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