Thursday, September 22, 2011

Shoe Shopping with Daniel

Daniel had only one pair of tennis shoes, which is not good when he has to use that pair for cross country and they run in the woods in the rain.  

He had to wear his flip flops the last couple of days because his tennis shoes were absolutely soaked.

So, we were on a mission with this shopping trip...

We weren't going home without tennis shoes!

This is what it is like to go shopping with Daniel, just the two of us.
(Forgive the phone pics.  I really want a camera I can keep in my purse!) 

Yes, those are his socks on his ears.

Huge score on the shoes!  $50 on clearance for $20!

While I was looking for a deal for me (no luck), he decided to try on a pair of platform sandals.

As you can tell, it's never boring when you go shopping with Daniel!

Living thru faith,

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