Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hard news to hear today

Well, we found out today that Matt is going to have to have arthroscopic surgery on his knee.  He hurt his knee pitching in Florida at baseball camp over Spring Break.  He stepped just right (or wrong) out of a pitch and tore his lateral meniscus.  He will have surgery next week and will be on crutches for up to 4 weeks.  Yep, that means his season is over.  He missed last season after injuring his shoulder at the same camp.  Needless to say, he is not happy...

We didn't get to see him pitch in Florida (which he did phenomenal!) and with the move, we missed his away games (they only had a couple home games up to this point).  But, at least, we got to see him once this season.

So, as we prepare for the coming weeks, we will hold fast to the knowledge that God is in control and has a plan even in the midst of our disappointment.  Matt is, of course, upset that he is not able to play, but is more determined than ever to be back at it sooner than the doctor has estimated.  If anybody can do it, I know he can.  When it comes to baseball, he is one determined young man!

Living thru faith,

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