Monday, April 4, 2011

A little piece of heaven...

We had to replace the shower head in the kid's bathroom.  The one in our bathroom was great, but we decided to splurge a little bit on ourselves.  So, we took the one out of our shower and put in theirs.  Then we bought this for our shower...

It's a whole body ecorain shower head.  It is still eco friendly, but it has both rainfall and a harder stream in the center.  (And it still wasn't the most expensive one in the store!)
Now the kids are happy and so are we!

On the agenda today is securing boards in the attic and hopefully getting some things out of the garage and in the attic.  We are going to have to pull things out of the garage to get to the stuff that goes into the attic, and it is questionable if we are going to beat the rain.

Daniel has a birthday party this afternoon, Matt is in Florida, and Sarah is at day care, so it will just be Brian & I this afternoon.  I'm looking forward to some time to organize in a little bit of peace and quiet.

I guess I better get busy if I'm going to get anything done!

Living thru faith,

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