Sunday, April 17, 2011

Boys' Room, Closets, and more

Baseball was rained out this weekend, which was actually good for Matt.  He hurt his knee while pitching in Florida over Spring Break, so it was really good for him to have a break and rest it.  We actually had a Friday evening at home with the entire family.  Pizza and a movie!  It was a nice break. 

Daniel & his Confirmation Class helped serve a meal at another church on Saturday.  From what I understand, the church serves those less fortunate every Saturday.  He really enjoyed being a part of the whole thing.

Sarah "helped" off and on, but seemed to have a great time playing with her dolls and animals. It is amazing to me how she can play by herself in her own imaginative little world!

We also managed to get a lot done around the house this weekend.  We really wanted to get done with as much as possible the weekend because we do not want to be worrying about things over Easter weekend.

The boys' room is done for the most part.  We still need to take down the ceiling fan, stain the loft bed, and finish organizing the closet.  But, all that can wait a little bit.

I also got both bathrooms cleaned & organized.  It is so wonderful not to get ready out of a box!

My grandmother bought this set for me when we bought our previous house.  The set & the rugs have been in storage for 4 years while we've were renting.
I also got the 3 main closets organized.  The bathroom closet, hall closet, and coat closet (I forgot to take a picture of the coat closet).  I guess I should have taken before pictures on the closets, but you really wouldn't want to have seen that!  Trust me!

This weekend also included an amazing amount of laundry, working in the garage, grocery shopping, baseball pictures, and helping out a friend a little bit. I really should go do the dishes, but maybe I'll just go to bed instead!

Living thru faith,


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