Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Our day trip

We took a break from all the house stuff and took our two youngest to the Creation Museum in Petersburg, KY.  The kids had a great time, even though we went through it in what must of been record time.  The museum is set up where you do a lot of reading of exhibits.  It was crowded and Sarah being 4 was not interested in stopping to read.  Her favorites were the dinosaurs and the Noah's Ark exhibit.

Old Testament Prophets
Adam naming the animals
Sarah enjoying herself

Noah's Ark Exhibit
One of the many dinos
Daniel & Sarah

We even had time to go to IKEA & found a few things for the house. An extra bonus!  And we stopped at a Steak & Shake for supper.
Daniel & Sarah sharing a yummy shake
We even had a fun car ride home.  We stumbled across a great 80's radio station.  How is that I can remember the lyrics to these songs, but have a hard time remembering what happened yesterday?!  Brian says it's mommy brain!  Sarah even had some fun at Daniel's expense.

So, now the kids are in bed, we've watched NCIS, folded some clothes, & now it is time for bed. No more playing.  I have to go to work tomorrow...

Living thru faith,

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