Friday, February 10, 2012

Organizing Sarah's room

This is what Sarah's room used to look like (before I put up her curtains).

There was just one problem.  

The girl was running out of room in the little dresser.  
Her clothes keep getting bigger!  
(And just so you know, I AM in denial that it means she is getting older!)

So, all this leads to the other problem.  The bigger dresser was in our closet storing other things.  

We knew that she would need it at some point, but I was hoping that we would be able to make it until at least summer.  No such luck!

Her closet was a mess (and, of course, I didn't get a before picture of that), so we pulled everything out of the closet.  That I did get a picture of.  Yikes!

It took several hours, but eventually we got everything 
put together and in it's new spots.

Her barbies, baby stuff, and Build-a-bear clothes are all in the tall dresser.  Her clothes are in the top two drawers of the big dresser (still need to straighten those out), and her dress up clothes are in the bottom drawer.  Now I'm just hoping that we don't need that drawer for regular clothes before she outgrows most of those princess dresses!

I moved her toy shelf into the closet and added a couple of hooks to her door.

Her shoes are now in a basket which will hopefully make it easier for her to both find her shoes and put them away.

She was absolutely giddy to have it all done!

Now to keep it this way...

Living thru faith,

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