Thursday, February 16, 2012

Future Designer in the Making

This cold virus knocked me for a loop this week!  I spent most of Monday, all of Tuesday, and part of Wednesday in the bed.  I still don't have all my strength back, but I'm on the upward swing now.

Poor Sarah was left to watch movies in the living room by herself.  Brian was able to come home early Tuesday to help keep her company.  He handled suppers, the kids, and even a bit of laundry while I've been sick.  
Thank you, sweetie! You are such a blessing!

Since Sarah has had to entertain herself quite a bit, she has come up with some interesting things.  Yesterday, I found her in her "new dress".  She put an elastic head band/wrap thingy through the loop on the front of her nightgown, slipped her arms out of the sleeves, and voila... a strapless ball gown!  (I think she watched Enchanted 3 times over the last few days!)

She also loved modeling her new creation.

She is always coming up with some new way to wear her clothes.  
Maybe it is a sign of things to come!

Living through faith,

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