Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sarah's short cheerleading career

The local university had a free cheerleading camp this past Saturday.  Sarah was so excited to go.  She dressed up in the best cheerleading like outfit we could find on short notice, packed her a lunch in the new lunch bag I had bought on sale just waiting to be used in kindergarten, put a bow in her hair and off we went.

The kids were going to perform at half time and Daddy and I were there with camera (and iPhone) in hand ready to document her first cheer.  
(Cue the screeching brakes...)

We had to walk right past all the little girls (and one boy) and as soon as she saw me she started bawling.  She was completely out of character and for whatever reason, didn't want me to leave and would just start crying out of no where.  Finally, I thought we were through with whatever we were wallowing in and I went to sit with Brian. 

Sarah with her friend Janna and Janna's brother Simon who came to cheer on the cheerleaders!

Half time came and here they all come filling up the court and looking adorable.  All the girls (and the one boy, bless his heart) where doing their cheers, except Sarah.  

She looked forlorn and heartbroken and you couldn't help but laugh at the pathetic little look she had.  

She was a completely different child as we were leaving and later that afternoon even showed me a couple of things she had learned.  Since then she has even talked about how much she enjoyed it!  

I guess she was just exercising her woman's prerogative to change her mind!

Living thru faith,

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