Monday, January 9, 2012

Yep, It's Monday!

Brian and I got back Sunday evening from a conference in Houston.  It was a great weekend and I will share a little more about that tomorrow.  

Of course, there is no rest for the weary, so we hit the ground running this morning!

So far this morning...

I overslept (not long, just enough to throw the whole morning off) and wasn't able to wash my hair.  Hopefully, the baby powder and clip are hiding that fact.

Sarah woke up crying and pretty much cried until we left the house.  
It was one meltdown after another.

There was only enough lunch stuff left in the house for Matt.  Daniel will be buying his lunch today and I will be running to Walmart during my lunch hour.

Matt did not put the ribs in the refrigerator on Friday so they could slowly thaw out over the weekend.  I had to leave them out overnight and then still thaw them in the microwave this morning.  I was very thankful for the bottle of bbq sauce my friend Kristina had waiting for me.  I still had not gotten any since the birthday bbq incident!

Daniel had a headache.

Brian hurt his back sometime yesterday, 
so he wasn't able to help much this morning.

and...I left my purse in the car and had to track Brian down to get it back since he had the car.

Hopefully, we can only go up from here!

We are still feeling the excitement over the big wins this weekend.  We didn't get to see our Saints play, but were so happy they won!  We even ran into Saints fans in the hotel and at the church we attended Sunday morning!

We were able to watch most of the first half of the Bronco's game in the airport yesterday.  As soon as we landed, we were checking the score.  We missed the winning touchdown, but were able to see the replay after we got home.  I don't think I have ever really paid much attention to the Broncos, but I have to say I have become a Tebow fan.  Since one person doesn't make a team, I guess that means I am now a Bronco's fan.

 So, tonight we are going for 3 out 3.  Tonight it's LSU!

Geaux Tigers!

Living thru faith,

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