Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Change of Plans

Monday I had planned to have a "pajama day" to celebrate 
my first day not having to go into work.

You know, one of those days...
when you are all alone 
with no where to go
staying in your pajamas
watching chick flicks

I had been looking forward to it all last week and then
Daniel came home from school on Friday
"My throat has been hurting all day."

Poor thing had the virus that had been going around.
High fever, chills, soar throat, headache.
His fever spiked at 103 Saturday evening.

His throat still hurt Monday morning, so I kept him home. 
By lunch he was feeling better and back to his old self.

So instead of pajama day, I spent time with Daniel.

Helping with homework

Doing exactly what I stayed home to do.

Overall, a pretty good start to a new chapter.

Living thru faith,

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