Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wall Cabinet Redo

When we started talking about redoing the kids' bathroom, I knew I would paint the cabinets white.  But, one day I ran across a picture that gave me an idea...
what if I added beadboard to them!

I took the doors off and sanded them. 

Then we knocked the back off and Brian added the bead board to the back and the sides.

(My car is no longer in the garage! I've been kicked out by a new mower and new-to-us table saw.)

I painted it Behr's "Silk Pillow" (which I already had for another project).  
It took several more coats than I anticipated.  

I also had to Kiltz the laminate parts.  Because the doors and trim are wood, I never even noticed the inside and shelf were laminate.  It remains to be seen how the paint will hold up on that part, but I'm crossing my fingers!

I changed the knobs to some simple but sturdy black ones.  

I also purchased baskets to hold all of their daily stuff (half price at Hobby Lobby!!!).

They didn't have anything before the baskets, which meant everything was always an absolute mess!

So, here's the final product...

It's not perfect, but it looks so much better than before!


Living thru faith,

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  1. It looks lovely and the beadboard is a really nice touch! Now it is crisp and organized :) Thanks for sharing at BC Good Life Wednesdays