Thursday, August 18, 2011

Our Jesus Picture

I wanted share our Jesus picture with you.

It was given to us by our church in Baton Rouge 
where my husband served as an associate pastor.

At the time it was given to us, only two other ones had been made.
 One hung in the church prayer room and one was taken on a mission trip to be placed in a chapel in Russia. Each one lovingly handmade from various pieces of wood.

In the many places we have lived since we left Baton Rouge, it has always been hung in a prominent place in our home...dining rooms, living rooms, mantels. (Except for the time when the boys threw a ball, knocked it off the mantel and the bottom snapped off.  Thankfully, it was fixable!)

 It currently resides over our living room couch.  Each time I look at it, I'm reminded of how Jesus is always looking over us...protecting us, teaching us, loving us...and I am also reminded of the wonderful people of our Baton Rouge church and how they loved and cared for us while we were there.

May you always feel His presence no matter where life leads you!

Living thru faith,

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