Tuesday, August 23, 2011

New idea for my kitchen island

I want to put an island in the kitchen.

One with a couple of stools and some storage space.

There is plenty of room for a decent size island.  It can't be too big (or expensive).  
So, I've been looking for inspiration and found a few ideas.

I love to have things hidden behind cabinets or in drawers.  
However, since it is not a large kitchen I've been thinking 
something more open would be best.

And then I found this today on thriftydecorchick.blogspot.com

She took inspiration from this Pottery Barn version...

and created this...

She is using hers as a potting bench, but I'm thinking kitchen island!

With maybe a butcher block top that overhangs a bit to put stools underneath.  Add some baskets for storage, a towel rod on one side...

And it would go great with the barn door!

You know, I haven't mentioned the barn door to my hubby. 

Hmm, I wonder how that one is going to go over...

Living thru faith,

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