Saturday, August 13, 2011

Supper is ready...finally!

Homemade pizza and a movie was the plan... 

I got home and headed to the kitchen to start pulling everything out.  
And that is when I remembered...
I never did go back to the store to pick up the pizza sauce.  
No big deal, I'll just make some.  
Oops, no tomato sauce...

Oh and while I'm looking...yep, I forgot to get the toppings, too!

So, I sent Brian and Matthew to the local IGA and I warmed up the oven.

No big didn't take them long and soon we had pizza.

Then I started making the brownies...

I poured the dry mix in the bowl, added the water, added the eggs.  I sent Matt next door with the promise of brownies in exchange for 2 eggs.

Finally....we settled in for pizza, a movie, and brownies for dessert.

And delivered some brownies next door.

Sometimes, it takes a village just put supper on the table!

(I'm happy to report that I did get to the store today and we now have tomato sauce, eggs, and other food items.  Although, I did forget to get the bread...)

Living thru faith,

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