Thursday, August 4, 2011

Bathroom Vanity

We are still working on putting the bathroom back together, 
but I wanted to show you a little bit.

I forgot to get a before picture of the kids' vanity.  (Yes, there's a big "L" on my forehead!)
This is actually the vanity in our bathroom, but it is just like the one in the kids' bathroom except that this one has two doors.

We added bead board to the side that is not up against the wall.

I painted the vanity Behr's "Soft Pillow". 
(I had originally got this to paint Sarah's bed, but I'm not going to get to 
do that project for awhile and didn't want to buy more paint right now).

We also changed the handle on the door.

And installed a new faucet.

So, here is the before (well, sorta).

And the after...

We still have some work to do before showing you the whole bathroom.  But, the toilet is now in place and not leaking (finally!), so we are getting there!!

Living thru faith,


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