Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Our Kentucky Colonel

We received a great surprise in the mail!  
Our Daniel and all the other youth who worked on the Mission Trip 
have been named Kentucky Colonels!

"The highest honor awarded by the Commonwealth of Kentucky is that of Kentucky Colonel.  Our Colonels are Kentucky's ambassadors of good will and fellowship around the world."  

Well-known Colonels include Lyndon B. Johnson, Winston Churchill, Muhammad Ali, Betty White, John Glen, George Clooney, and Ashley Judd.

In a letter to the editor of a KY publication, the director of the organization they worked with described the youth of both churches as "role models" and listed some of the things they accomplished. 

"In just three short days, these groups, along with adult supervision, changed the lives of many in need.  The teenagers built and installed a ramp for a cancer patient so he could get into and out of his house for chemo treatment; assembled 11 other ramp kits to be installed by other mission groups coming to our area this summer; cleared out a storage facility while sorting out school clothes to be given away next month to hundreds whose parents are out of work; and replaced some rotten flooring and sealed the roof of the house of an 82-year-old man and his wife."

We are so proud of all of our youth who gave of themselves and their time serving others!!!

Living thru faith,

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