Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Goo Man

Sarah climbed in our bed this morning about 2am, 
which means that we didn't get much sleep after that.  
Arms and legs going in all different directions, talking incoherently, moaning...
obviously having a bad dream.

She fell asleep reading books - Summer 2009

When she woke up she said "Mommy, I need you" and wrapped her arms around my neck.  
(It's really hard to be upset with the lack of sleep after that.)
 "I had a bad dream."

Apparently the Goo Man was stealing her dogs and was going to turn them into goo with his goo-er (she raised her hand and started squeezing like you would a turkey baster).  
"I had to find them before the Goo Man turned them into goo!  He was a bad guy!"  
Thankfully, she stopped the Goo Man before waking up and all the dogs were safe.  
We are really hoping that the Goo Man does not make a return appearance.  
We're tired...

Looking at the clouds - Summer 2011

Gotta love a vivid imagination!

Living thru faith,

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  1. Janna had a dream about a scary water slide last night. Wonder what they did yesterday:)