Thursday, July 21, 2011

Lamp Make-over

I have been wanting to do something to Sarah's lamp to make it more "girly".  It was originally the boys' lamp and it was still in great condition, 
so there was no reason to get rid of it.

We were by Hobby Lobby this evening, so Sarah and I picked out some bling.

Sarah cut her dust ruffle a while back.  (Right after she cut her hair the first time.  She is dangerous with a pair of scissors!)  I am using the good portions to customize her curtains (which I will hopefully finish this weekend).  Since I had enough left over, I thought I could also use it on her lamp.  So, first I had to figure out how to get it wrapped around the shade without it looking like I had just thrown some fabric around it.  Once I got that figured out, I worked my way around with the hot glue gun. 

Then I glued the ribbon on.

I can't wait for Sarah to see it when she wakes up!  She is going to be so excited!

(I actually plugged in the lamp, turned it on, and took the pictures while she was sleeping!  She didn't stir a bit.  She must have really been out!)

Living thru faith,


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  1. Very cute...I need to attempt the same thing. My daughter has a plain white shade and black bottom for her lamp. Thanks for the inspiration!!