Monday, July 11, 2011

4th of July Pics

First a quick update:

We have stayed busy since we got back from our trip preparing for our garage sale.  Thankfully, it was very successful! We have already spent a little bit of the money we made on a new faucet and knobs for our upcoming kids' bathroom remodel (more to come on that in the next few weeks!). 

So, for 4th of July we met Brian's parents and his sister and her family in Huntsville, AL. It's a nice almost half-way point to hand over the boys for the month.  We had a great weekend and enjoyed being together again!

We were the first to arrive on Saturday and, of course, the first thing my kids wanted to do was go swimming.  So they swam a little bit while we waited for everyone else to arrive.  Once my nephews got there I let them get a few wiggles out from their long drive while their parents got settled in their room. Daniel had as much fun as they did!

Sunday afternoon we took the kids to a "fun center".  They played arcade games and then we went outside to play putt-putt golf.  It was loads of fun, but oh so hot!

Sarah is 11 days older than Luke.  Cutie pies!

Luke's technique resembled more of a baseball player than a golfer.

Sarah preferred to use the backwards style of golfing.
They got a kick out of the oversized flamingos!

Cole got the first hole-in-one!

Wow! I managed to get a pic of Matt actually smiling!

My brother-in-law making his hole-in-one!
I ended up taking Sarah in early to cool down after she decided to lay down on one of the putting greens.  We got some shaved ice and felt better in no time!

Once everyone cooled down, we headed back out for go-carts.  Everyone had a blast!  I even drove one for the very first time!

Andrew and Daniel goofing off as usual.  :-)

Granddaddy and Cole getting ready for a great race.

Brian driving with Luke.

We were all hot, tired, and hungry after our fun-filled afternoon, so we headed to eat supper.  It wasn't too long of a wait, but it felt like an eternity at times!

Waiting patiently.  The little ones really did well!

Then there was more swim time to end the day!

Brian, Deborah and Andrew took the little ones to the Space Center on Monday.  My boys had been there last year and they preferred to just go to the mall!  Teenagers!

I think this is my favorite picture!

The Space Center had a special dinosaur exhibit!

Huntsville has a great fireworks display every year and this year we happened on a great place to watch the show by mistake.  We got in the wrong lane and didn't get to turn where we had planned, which worked out wonderfully because the kids had a great place to run and play for the close to 2 hours we had to wait for the fireworks to start.

Even though there was rain in the forecast each day, it didn't rain on us until the morning we left.  The boys went back with Brian's parents and will spend the month visiting friends and family, swimming, and helping Brian's parents with the mowing and in the garden.  They will come back just in time to get ready for school to start!

In the meantime, we just have Sarah which makes things a little quieter and a little calmer.  But we so miss our boys! (Who, by the way, called last night to announce they had decided we were all going on a cruise!  I'm still waiting to hear how they plan to pay for it...)

Living thru faith,

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