Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My Sunday Deals!

Sunday we went into town after church to do some grocery shopping 
and make a couple of other little stops.  
We ended up with a new patio table, some clothes for Sarah, and only a few grocery items!

I wanted to go to Bed, Bath, and Beyond to look for a bowed curtain rod for the kids bathroom and curtains for Sarah's room.  We walked up to the door and sitting outside was a patio table marked 50% off!  It was a rectangular glass one just like what I've been wanting (but not willing to pay full price for).  One of the screws were missing, but when Brian talked to the manager we discovered there was actually one more in the store with all the parts!  Whoo hoo!

SO!  It was marked down to $75.  
I had a 20% off coupon which brought it down to about $60.  
I had a $50 gift card I had received at Christmas (we don't get to town much!).  
So, I paid $13.59 out of pocket!!!!!

Now, I'm on the look out for chairs to match!  :-)  
I'm also still looking for the curtain rod and curtains, but that's ok.

After meeting up with friends to transfer Sarah into their vehicle and taking the table back home, we went back into town to finish our original shopping trip.  We met our friends at Kohl's and got Sarah, even though she preferred to stay with Anna and Abby 
(we feel so loved sometimes!). 

I had a $10 coupon for Kohl's which was expiring, plus another 15% off card.  I was hoping to find curtains, but no such luck.  I did find a dress, pj's, and sunglasses for Sarah - 
all of which she  needed  could use - and only spent $5.39!

I love getting great deals!

Living thru faith,

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