Monday, March 5, 2012

A Crazy Week in Review

Here's how things have gone over the last 5 days...
Wednesdays I keep two adorable, active twin boys.  Sarah loves playing with them and it has been fun seeing the three of them interact with each other.  This past play time Sarah had them set up "cages" and "eggs".  This is one of her favorite imaginative activities (although usually a kitty or a jaguar comes out of the egg, but we just haven't wanted to broach the whole live birth issue quite yet).

The egg cracking was interrupted for a period of reading books in the closet and listening to the tornado sirens.

Thursday was a beautiful sunny day! Brian left to attend a conference in Nashville and Sarah went to the boys house to play.  I actually got to go grocery shopping by myself!  In my classic style, I left my list sitting on the kitchen counter.  Thankfully, I only forgot a few things!
Friday morning Sarah and I made a quick trip to Home Depot and Walmart (for those items I forgot).  It poured while we were inside Home Depot, but we managed to get home without getting wet!

We were expecting more dangerous storms in the afternoon and evening and the later it got the more concerned I got.  I kept trying to figure out exactly what we should do and finally decided to call a friend (the boys' mom) to invite ourselves to hang out in their basement.  Her husband was at the same conference, so we were both on our own for the craziness.
Schools let out early and businesses closed in anticipation of the pending weather.  There were many impromptu "Tornado Parties" with families and friends gathering in basements to ride out the storms.  
We had 5 adults, 9 kids, and 3 dogs waiting it out.

Matt found a spot to retreat and watch a movie on the computer.

 The little boys and Sarah surfed down the stairs.

And some of the older ones played cards, 
while the adults tried to watch the weather reports.

We felt very blessed that our area only received some rain and wind.  Unfortunately, areas just 20 miles away from us had to deal with baseball size hail and many a little farther away dealt with total destruction 
by numerous tornadoes.

After the darkness of Friday, the sun shone brightly on Saturday. Brian got back from Nashville that evening and we were all happy for him to be home.

Sunday morning I had a great opportunity to go help serve breakfast at a local mission with some other friends from church.  It was so much fun, very enlightening, and such a blessing!  We even made it back in time for worship and communion.  I spent some time relaxing with Sarah, spent time with Matt when I took him to find some new tennis shoes, and goofed off with Daniel while we watched a movie together in the evening.  
It was a wonderful Sunday all day long!

After all the tornado activities of the last few days we are now looking at snow!  Brian's PhD mentor, Phil, is here for a conference.  We have had a great time visiting, but I'm thinking he probably could have done without all the crazy weather excitement!  He leaves to head back home to England on Thursday with Brian in tow.  I'm sure he will be happy to be home and dealing with just rainy English drizzle!  :-)

Living thru faith, 

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