Monday, March 12, 2012

My Non-Existant Morning Routine

Since I quit working, I have been trying to get into a morning routine.  
I'm not aspiring to anything complex at this point.

1 - Get up
2 - Get dressed
3 - Make bed
4 - Eat breakfast

Unfortunately, my trouble begins with step 1!


There are a few things I have figured out (or confirmed) 
over the last month and a half.

1 - I am not a morning person - or a night owl.

2 - I do not like getting up when it is dark outside.

3 - It is hard for me to get up when no one else is up.

4 - I would rather lay in the bed and wake up slowly.

5 - Sarah does not need to wake up slowly. 

6 - Sarah does not think anyone should need to wake up slowly.

7 - My boys are better at getting up on a school day than I am. Sad I know!

8 - I'm at my best between 9am and 2 pm. Then I need a nap or caffeine.

Source: via Adeline on Pinterest

9 - I rarely get to take a nap and I'm trying to cut out caffeine.

10 - I really miss caffeine! 

So, it appears I'm pretty hopeless!  But, I'm not going to give up.  
I'm stubborn that way.  Heehee!

Living thru faith,

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