Monday, March 19, 2012

A More Real Love Story

Much to the disgust of my 16 year old son, I really do like Taylor Swift.  I think I enjoy her songs because they really are stories.  I'm a sucker for a good story!  Especially a love story!

I also love a good laugh.  Good, clean comedy.  Not like what a lot of comedians do these days.  Which is why I always love hearing Anita Renfro.  I shared her Sweet Tea song with you on National Sweet Tea Day.  
(Love my sweet tea!)

 So Friday I went to a local mom's group for the first time and got to enjoy a video performance of Anita Renfro (which also happened to include the sweet tea song!).  Here is Anita's more real version of a "Love Story".

(A More Real) Love Story from renfroe3 on GodTube.

Living thru faith,

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