Sunday, May 1, 2011

So glad the weekend is over... maybe I can get some rest!  It as been one busy weekend!


Finished a project for work.

Fed Matthew.

Took the garage from this...

to this...

(Yeah, I know not a big difference, but that side really does look better.  I promise!)

Fed Matthew.

Sprayed primer on our two end tables that have been sitting in the garage, while our lamps have been sitting on the floor in the living room.  

Fed Matthew.

Discovered our vacuum cleaning had a crack in the casing, which explained why dust was coming back out. So we had to make an unexpected trip into town to buy a new vacuum (thankfully on sale).

Stopped at Lowes for grass seed & at Walmart for a few groceries. So that I could feed Matthew some more.

Cooked dinner for a church family who had a new baby.

Brian put out the grass seed and Daniel watered it in.

Watched a movie with the kids.


Watched a movie with Brian & Matthew (he had no where else to go, so he joined by default).

Fed Matthew.   
(The boy's appetite seems to have increased even more with the surgery!)

Ended up wearing this because it appears my wrist didn't like the spray painting.

Took benedryl, ibuprofen, and went to bed.


Great worship at church.

Finished the grocery shopping.

Cleaned the kitchen.

Delivered the rest of the food I had prepared on Saturday.


Going to bed!

Living thru faith,

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  1. Wow!
    I am exhausted reading this. Thanks for a reason to take a nap!