Sunday, May 8, 2011

Detours and Plan B's

Friday was Daniel's birthday and he wanted to eat at Applebee's for super.  We ended up having to make a little detour.

Sarah somehow scratched her cornea with a little plastic airplane in the 15 short minutes we were at home before heading to eat.  She is doing really well now and the patch is only to keep her from rubbing her eye.  After we left the Urgent Treatment Center we went on to Applebee's.  I have to say we were quite a sight, Sarah with an eye taped up and Matt on crutches!

Saturday Daniel had some friends over for lunch and then Brian took them to see the movie "Thor".  They had a great time, but I think they ended up eating a lot of junk from the concession stand. (I purposely fed them before they left to avoid this.)

I discovered about 30 minutes before the party that I have "lost" my decorating tips in the move.  I found some small white chocolate chips and at least made some semblance of a football field.  I wasn't able to write "Happy Birthday" on it, but he didn't seem to mind.

We had planned to go to a local country club for lunch on Mother's Day.  After we got there we realized that it was going to be about $100 for all of us to eat!  I can't really justify that, so we came up with a Plan B.  We ended up having a delicious meal at another local place with some of the best fried catfish north of N' Orleans.  We also were able to all travel in the same car since Matt's knee surgery.  He was finally able to bend his knee enough to fit in the front passenger seat of the Ford.  I was also able to take a good nap this afternoon, so overall it was a good day!  :-)

It was a weekend full of detours and plan changes, but we managed to celebrate birthdays, Mother's Day, and roads to healing. God continues to show us that even though things don't work out as we had planned, He is still there helping us through each day. 

In honor of our moms, I close with this video of Anita Renfroe (one of the funniest Christian comedians I have ever heard).  I think I've heard my mom say just about all of these, except for the texting & ipod ones - those I'm using on my kids.  Thanks, Mom, for putting up with me even though I spit peas at you, locked you out of the house in the snow, rolled my eyes at most everything you tried to tell me, and thought you were an idiot during most of my teenage years.  Yes, now I'm getting payback...

Living thru faith,

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