Friday, May 13, 2011

It's Bath Time!

We have officially reached that time when baths occur every night and most times when we first walk in the door.  There is no sitting in the water.  She just stands there while I get her cleaned up.  Otherwise, she would just be sitting in dirty water.  Even after a good head washing, you can still find tiny pieces of mulch in the hair.

She doesn't look that dirty in these pictures.  I didn't get a chance to take any the day before.  Mulch from the top of her head to the tip of her toes (and she was wearing tennis shoes)!  The sweat and sunscreen just makes it stick even more! 

She may look like an angel, but there is mischief in those eyes!
You can't really tell, but there are specs of dirt & mulch all over her cheek, eye lid, & nose.

Yep, it's time to stock up on Spray & Wash again!
This came home with her, too!  Undoubtedly, her little horse spent some time outside too.  I'm not sure if it stayed out in the rain or if they added water.  Either way, it's just plain gross! 

And there is a purse to match.  Oh, joy!
Living thru faith,

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