Monday, May 2, 2011

Conversations with a 4 year old

- Picking Sarah up from day care - 

Group of kids standing around a large bucket.
Sarah:  No! Don't do that! (screaming, bending over the bucket)
Me: No, Sarah, don't be rude.
Sarah:  But he's taking all the dirt!
Boy:   See the worms! (showing me his hand)
Sarah: But I wanted them to dig big holes!
Me: Well, the worms need to be in the ground or they will die.
Sarah: Oh! Ok!
Getting into the car
Sarah:  Worms don't go in the bucket.  They might die.
Me: That's right.

- Supper time - 

Me:  Sarah, eat your supper.
Sarah:  No! That's disgusting!
Me: Eat it or wait til breakfast...
30 minutes later - happy plate

- Bedtime reading Sarah a story - 

Me: Brian, would you want to fix that thing I wanted after this. (as he walks past the door)
Brian: What thing?
Me: You know that stuff I said I wanted to have.
Brian: Oh! That stuff! Do you want it in a reusable container or edible container.
Me: I'll take a reusable container.
Never mention ice cream to a 4 year old at bedtime.  Use code when necessary.

- 20 minutes after lights out -
Sarah:  Mom! Come in here!
Me: What?
Sarah: I don't have a clock in my room!
Me: Because you don't need a clock in your room.
Sarah: But I need to see what time it is.  (she can't tell time)
Me: Well, we will put a clock in your room later.
Sarah: What's later?
Me: Not tonight.  Another time.
Sarah: Oh, ok.

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