Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Surprises...Good and Bad

Friday was Matt's birthday and he never would say what he wanted to do except go out to eat.  So, I found an accomplice and surprised Matt with a pizza lunch with about 10 of his friends.

I'm so glad they were all able to come. I think he had a great time!

Saturday we traveled two hours away for baseball.  There was some mixup in the times and the team didn't show up until after the coaches made some calls.  There was a lot of time on our hands waiting for the game to begin. Just enough time for Sarah to manage to fall into a little a creek.

She was a bit surprised to end up face down, feet up and completely soaked.  Over and over she said "Oh, I should have listened to you Momma!  Momma, I should have listened to you!"

I managed to hose her off, borrowed some clothes another girl happened to have with her, and comb out her hair.  We dried out her clothes in the sun and changed her back between games. (Summer ball usually involves double headers.)

This week Sarah is attending a dance camp.  She is so excited about going.  What I didn't her is that it is a princess camp and she gets to do her hair and nails during the camp.  She was so surprised!

Living thru faith,

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