Friday, June 22, 2012

Closet Turned Office

Our closet really needed to be organized, but we also had bigger plans for the closet.  So, if you're brave enough take a look at the before pictures.

It was a mess!  There used to be a dresser on the back wall, but we had to move that to Sarah's room because she was outgrowing the small chest of drawers already in her room.  All the stuff that had been in the dresser, plus all the stuff that had been piled around it was just thrown in the back of the closet.

There were boxes of stuff on the shelves that have just gotten moved from place to place over the last few moves...always with the intention of finally going through it before the next move.

Our other problem was that Brian's desk was in the bedroom.  We've had desks in the bedroom before, but never his main work area.  He had always had some other space to study and write.  It really wasn't working as it was.

So we finally bit the bullet and got to work.  Everything had to come out of the closet and, of course, there was no where for it to go but the bedroom.  Each day the bed got covered up and each night we had to clear off what was left. 

Before we could move Brian's desk into the closet, he had to have an outlet.  Thankfully, he found a video online and was able to do this on his own.

It took several weeks, but eventually we tossed, sold, organized, or gave away everything that had been in the closet. 

(No, I haven't cut the tags of the new boxes...)

There are still some things to go through and organize like pictures and warranties, but overall it's done and those projects are now more manageable when I do get to them.

Having the desk in the closet has worked out really well.  Brian can close the door and have a little more quiet or work after I have gone to bed.

Matthew decided we should put a lock on the door (from the outside) and lock Brian in until he finishes his dissertation.  As tempting as that is, I guess we will let him go in and out freely.  ;-)

Living thru faith,

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