Tuesday, June 26, 2012

"I Miss My Pillow!"

(On the way home from her check up for kindergarten.)

Sarah:  When are we going to go see your sister again?

Me:  I don't have a sister, sweetie.  Who are you talking about?

Sarah:  You know.  We went to her house and I left my pillow.

Me:  Oh! You mean Ms. Cindy in Florida.

Sarah:  Yes!  We need to go back there to get my pillow.

Me:  You have a new pillow.  I told Ms. Cindy to give your pillow to someone who needed a pillow.

Sarah:  Oh, no! I want my pillow back!

Me:  But you have a new pillow.   We gave your other pillow to someone who didn't have a pillow.

Sarah:  But, I didn't want to give my pillow away!

(Repeated over the next 5 minutes through sobs and crocodile tears.)

I miss my pillow!

Oh, my pillow!

My fluffy, cuddly pillow!

I'm thinking we really could have used a nap!

Living thru faith,


  1. We still have the pillow! We are taking very good care of it and will bring it to Louisiana in July. Dry up those tears, Sarah, and get ready for Pillow Reunion, July 2012!!

    P.S. I think she's on to something with the sister thing. :o)