Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Our Family is Growing

 For those who saw that caption in Facebook, I gotcha!!

We have gained a family member, but only for the next few weeks.  Daniel's friend Dane will be staying with us until the end of the month while his grandmother is in California for a couple of family events.

We all went to the mall this weekend to do some jeans shopping for Daniel.  As we were walking into one shop, I looked around at our "brood" and thought he fits right in with the blond hair.  The nose gives it away though.  All of mine have my nose.

(Notice the ketchup on the macaroni and cheese.  He definitely fits in. Matt and Sarah eat it the same way.  Yuck!)

Dane broke his leg a week or so ago, so he is sporting a cast and crutches.  

We had to do some moving around to make the sleeping arrangements work.  Since Dane is on crutches, that ruled out him climbing into the bunk bed so Matt got kicked out the opportunity to give up his bed and move in with Sarah.  Now Matt is in Sarah's bed, Sarah is in the trundle, Dane is in Matt's bed, and Daniel is in his own bed.  The four of them are sharing a bathroom, which makes it interesting in the morning.  But, it is all working out and no one has killed anyone yet.  

Of course, we are only on Day 6...14 more to go!  :-)

Living thru faith,

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