Thursday, June 23, 2011


"You have ruined my life!  You have ruined my life forever!"
It was a Sunday morning and she wanted to go to the "brown church" (aka - daycare) not the "orange church" (regular church).  
She identifies them by the color of brick. 

"I want to go to the pet store and get a monkey and feed it a banana."
"Well, they don't sell monkeys at pet stores.  Monkeys are at the zoo or in the jungle."
"Well, lets go to the jungle and give a monkey a banana."
"We are not going to the jungle and we don't have any bananas."
"Well, we can go buy some!" - problem solved

"I just saw the love of my heart!"
"Oh, really.  Where?"
"Back there.  Can we turn around and go ask him his name?"
"Why do you think he is the love of your heart if you do not know him."
"He was so handsome!"

Living thru faith,

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