Sunday, June 5, 2011

Confirmation Day

Daniel's Confirmation Class was confirmed during our worship service this morning.  All of the students also assisted in some part of worship.  Daniel & his friend Anna helped with the children's sermon.  During Confirmation they learned more about the Christian faith and our Wesleyan heritage and how much God loves us.   In the children's sermon they showed the little kids which Disney/Pixar character tells us exactly how much God loves us.  

Can you guess?

Yep, God loves us "to infinity and beyond"!  The little kids loved it and I bet they will remember that every time they hear Buzz say "to infinity and beyond"!

All the kids' family members at the altar with each Confirmand.

I asked Matt to take pictures, but since he really couldn't get anything except everyone's backsides, I guess he decided it would be better to take pictures of Sarah.

Sarah was drawing...

Then her brother undoubtedly gave her his phone.  She is probably playing "Angry Birds."

After the service church members greeted each of the kids.  They seemed to get a big kick out of all the attention.  :-)   Before we left I wanted to get a picture of Daniel with the couple (and dear friends) that sacrificed so much of their time and energy teaching all of the kids.  Brooke and Aaron did a wonderful job! They are such a blessing!

Aaron is flicking Daniel's ear to make him smile.  It worked!

Living thru faith,

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