Monday, June 27, 2011

Daniel's First Mission Trip

It's been about a week since Daniel went on his first mission trip.
They traveled to the Appalachia area of eastern Kentucky.  
He had a great time and I think he learned a little bit along the way. 

(Pictures via awesome chaperons.  Thanks!)

They worked along side another Kentucky youth group painting, working in a thrift store, visiting a nursing home, and building a couple of handicapped ramps.  

I have been assured that Daniel did work, but most of the pictures show him goofing off.  
He is an entertainer!

They gave out awards at the end of the trip.  
Daniel was awarded "Youth Clown" and "Best Male Model".

It makes a mom proud!  :-)

Unfortunately, that first night back he went to bed with a headache and woke up with strep throat.  Until now, none of my kids had ever had strep.  
Thankfully, the rest of us were spared!

Living thru faith,

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