Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Spring Break Pics

I am finally getting around to showing you some of the pictures from our trip to Florida over Spring Break.  We left after school on that Thursday and arrived in Vero Beach late Friday night.  Matt didn't have to be at the sports village until around noon, so we were able to take the kids to the beach for a little bit before lunch.  

After we dropped Matt off, we headed up to St. Augustine to stay a couple nights with my friend Cindy and her family.  Cindy and I have been friends since 8th grade, but haven't gotten to spend a long amount of time together in probably 15 years!!  Through the years we've been able to get caught up and stay in touch through facebook.  It was such a blessing getting to know her family, too.  

We enjoyed going to church with them Sunday morning and then touring a little bit of St. Augustine after lunch.

Brian loves lighthouses and finally got to go up in one while we were there!

We even got to spend a little time on their beach before we left.  (Of the three beaches we visited on this trip, their's was my favorite!  It is amazing how different beaches can be!)

After visiting with Cindy and her family we headed back to Vero Beach to watch the boys play baseball, spend some more time on the beach, and eat more seafood!  (We just don't get good seafood in Kentucky!)  

Matt's team was undefeated for the week!

One of the things we did on Matt's day off was head down to Ft. Pierce.
(to eat seafood, of course!) 

The last couple of days the waves were huge (in our standards at least).

The beach in Vero was very "shelly".  
Every time the waves came up they brought shells.  There was a line of solid shells you had to walk over to get to the water.

 The week was a nice break from everything else going on and it was wonderful getting to spend time together as a family!

Living thru faith,

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