Friday, April 27, 2012

Our New Porch Light

Remember when I told you about our upside down porch light?  Here's a picture of it when a bird was trying to build a nest on it.  Silly bird!

Last week I ran across an awesome deal hanging in 
the lighting section at Lowes! 

5 buckaroos!!!

It was regularly $33 and marked down to $9.97 on clearance.  Turns out it was the last one and the display model.  While the guy went to get what he needed to take it down, my friend Dawn encouraged me to ask him to mark it down more.  No way, I thought!  But sure enough, 
he gave me another 50% off!

I had planned on spray painting it black, but when we held it up by the door it looked good with the brass on the door.  Since I can't change the brass (it's encased in the window), I have to learn to live with it. It has black brush like strokes in it and blends everything together.

I just love it...and it's right side up!

Living thru faith,

1 comment:

  1. Misty! That is an AMAZING deal!
    $5 bucks?!!
    It looks great!
    Whew, I love deals like those. :)