Monday, August 13, 2012

My new best friend

 While Brian was at a conference the first part of June, the latch on the dishwasher broke.  I knew it was coming.  I was just holding my breath waiting for the inevitable.  

And then it happened...the piece flew across the room.

So then came the dilemma.  Brian discovered we could order a replacement part for $40.  However, the thing was not washing the dishes well and it was getting noticeably worse.  So, the next question was how much longer was it going to last anyway.  

It was a dishwasher, not a washing machine.  We could do it the old fashioned way.  However, it soon became clear that being a family of five with a crazy baseball schedule on top of the other miscellaneous things going on and trying to keep up with the dishes was adding to my stress level.  My patience was wearing thin.  

So, I went shopping....

I went to at least six different places over the course of several weeks, not to mention looking online.  Finally, I found the one I wanted.  It was on sale and using our Sears card saved us an additional $54 AND our electric company was offering a $50 rebate on energy star dishwashers!  

Brian pulled out the old one and his friend Phil was drafted to help install the new one.  Phil never imagined that his trip "across the pond" would include dishwasher installation!

I love my new dishwasher!!  It washes the dishes so much better than the old one and is much quieter, too. 

It looks pretty nice up against the refrigerator, too!

Momma is one happy camper now!

Living thru faith,

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