Friday, August 24, 2012

I Need Help!

So, I finally decided I was going to switch over to wordpress because they offer more memory for free and I could also have 
a little more flexibility in the design of the blog.

Yeah, not so fast...

Livingthrufaith.wordpress is already taken.  
Oh, and should I mention that there is only one post...
which was posted in 2011...

So, I had to ask myself "Do I want to buy my own domain?" 

Decisions, decisions...

I decide to bite the bullet for $18/year.


It had said was available, but alas it is not. 
That one was started in April, but no posts have been made.


I could use (still $18/year), but now I'm wondering...

are there too many?

will it get confused with the others?

should I keep the name?

should I change it?

if I change it, what do I change it to?

does anyone even care? 

Please help me!!!

What do you think?  Keep it, change it... 

Got an idea on a new name?

Living thru faith,

1 comment:

  1. Misty..
    I had no idea you could use up memory space on blogspot and then have to pay for more space. Others that have the same name don't seem to be using it so I say go for it! Even if they were using it, I would still say "Go for it!" It's the name of your blog and one that describes you and what your about. That's the most important thing. Trying to find a new name that no one has thought of yet is really really hard. Good luck!