Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Learning to Homeschool

Tomorrow Matt and Sarah have their first day of school and Monday Daniel starts the first day of homeschooling.  I've spent the last several months trying to prepare for this new journey.  I've gone through moments of panic, being overwhelmed, and moments of feeling completely lost.  Thankfully, I have had many homeschooling moms to help me along the way and last night I went to my very first co-op meeting.

I think I learned three main things about homeschooling.

My friend Cindy taught me that on days when life happens and things just don't go as planned, it's ok to hit the beach.  (Of course, the commute from here to her place is a tad bit long, so mine will have to be a metaphorical beach.)

My friend Amy taught me that I don't have to be the one to teach them everything.  It's ok to let someone else teach them some areas.  It's a win for both of us.

And last night a homeschooling dad taught me that I don't have to try to teach them everything they should know.  They mainly need to learn how to learn.  I don't have to worry about missing something.  They'll continue to learn as they walk their own journey.

There is still a lot for me to learn and some thoughts of logistics still cause moments of panic, but, with lots of prayer and patience, I think we are ready to take the first step. 

Living thru faith,

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  1. You can do this! Daniel is a lucky kid to have you for a teacher! Enjoy the ride....