Monday, July 16, 2012

My Latest Step in Being More Frugal

So, I've been trying to cut costs and be more frugal since I quit working.  I've succeeded in some areas and failed miserably in others.   I still can't seem to get control of our food budget.  My mind seems to have gone to mush in that department, but I have been saving some extra "dough" on our electricity. (Sorry, I just couldn't resist that pun!)

We purchased a portable clothes line and I've been using that as much as possible instead of using the dryer.  Even though I am not sure exactly how much it has been saving us, we definitely believe it has made a difference.  With the high temperatures, the ac has had to run much more than normal even though we try to keep it up as high as we can comfortably stand it.  Our bills the last two months have both been just at $100 and we expected it to be much higher with temps above 100 for so many days.

We ended up going with a portable umbrella style, although it would not be my first choice.  For one thing, we hated to put up a permanent traditional one and take up the room for the kids to play.  We didn't think having someone run into the line or a pole would make for a fun afternoon.  We thought about a retractable one, but that still meant putting in a pole somewhere since there are currently no great surfaces to attach one.  We also considered a permanent umbrella style to keep it out of the way, but the only good place for that was visible from the street and that really didn't look so good for curb appeal.

So...we found this one that got good reviews and it was only around $40.  I have to say that I definitely prefer the traditional line style, but this is still working out very well.  The traditional style allows for better air flow and I think the clothes probably dry faster.  However, I am learning better how to attach clothes to this one that does allow for the air to flow through the clothes more and in the heat we've had lately it really doesn't take long for the clothes to dry.  Another bonus is that since it is portable I can even use it inside if the weather doesn't cooperate.  I have actually only done this a few times since it does take up so much room in our little space, but it works!

Do you see the brown grass!!
I still do use the dryer, but try to limit it to loads like undies.  We do have neighbors on all three sides that probably would prefer not to see our "unmentionables".  :-)  However, having this has cut our dryer usage pretty much in half, and I seem to actually get through the laundry quicker - believe or not!

So, score 1 for the frugal quest!  

And, of course, you know who had to have her picture taken, too.


Living in faith,

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